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Internet Explorer is dead; rejoice!

In what could be considered the very opposite of an April Fools, Microsoft released it’s first version of Project Spartan, it’s new web browser bundled in with the Windows operating system. This means it’s official, Internet Explorer is no more. Well, unfortunately that’s not entirely the case; those still using older versions of Windows may still task us web developers with having to try and hack some code together to make a website work on a thoroughly ancient platform.

However, Windows 10 (which Spartan will be bundled with) would seem to be a a software engineering feat. It runs on considerably older machines (that Windows 7 and 8 would be almost un-runnable on), so it’s not out with the realms of possibility that IE may still see a considerable decline, as people give their old PCs a facelift.

We’ll have more information on Project Spartan as it appears.

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