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Tutorial: Fixing issues with Yosemite, Codekit and Bonjour

This post is for mac users who have been having issues with Yosemite and DNS resolution when using codekit. The basic issue is that when trying to resolve a local url (such as my-mac.local) the request cannot be processed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 15.04.30

This issue appeared when upgrading to Yosemite, where there have been some known issues with either the Bonjour service not working, or certain aspects of it conflicting.

To resolve this issue, it’s relatively simply.

First of all, run the command:

  • $ sudo scutil –get HostName

This should determine whether a host name has been set for your computer. If this returns a message saying no host name set, then issue the following three commands.

  • $ sudo scutil –set ComputerName Your Computer Name
  • $ sudo scutil –set LocalHostName your-computer-name
  • $ sudo scutil –set HostName your-computer-name.local

Restart your machine and voila, you should be back up and running with local DNS resolution!

Any issues or additions, use the comments below.

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