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I'm Jon, a freelance, front-end web developer & designer. I love what I do.

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About Me

I build websites focused on design, performance and results, with every pixel and feature carefully considered.

Skills & Experience

  • - 20+ years using Photoshop
  • - A passion for User Experience and best practices
  • - Experience and knowledge of what does and doesn't work
  • - HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript/jQuery
  • - Over 200 mobile responsive websites built using the Bootstrap framework
  • - Vast experience with bespoke Wordpress theme development, using systems like Advanced Custom Fields
  • - Preferred CSS pre-processor is SASS with Codekit
  • - Cross browser and platform testing for Mac, Windows, iOS & Android
  • - A penchant for high scores on the Google Page Speed platform

I am a Glasgow-based front end web developer with over 20 years experience working as both a freelancer, and in an agency environment. I am passionate about what I do, i'm one of those lucky people who loves their job and I like to think that reflects in the quality of my work.

Creating efficient, fast and user-friendly websites is every bit as important to me as creating beautiful, hand-crafted designs. Usability, speed and aesthetics are all high priorities to me when developing and designing. Every project I build is a mobile responsive website, so your content will always be served in the best possible way to your audience, and every site is built with Wordpress at it's very core, so the content is all editable by you!

My Macbook Pro is possibly the most important non-living thing in my life, it allows me to work for you no matter where in the world that I may be at that time. Equally, just because you may not be in Glasgow, doesn't mean we couldn't work together; i've got many clients across Europe, from London to Berlin and I even do the odd bit of work for some friendly Americans!

If you’re looking for a brochure web site to be designed and developed, or a powerful, yet lightweight e-commerce system, then these are just some of the web design & development services that I offer. Or if you’re simply looking for someone to assist with an existing site, or you feel that your site is slow and needs looked at to optimise it for speed purposes then I can help with that too.


Get in touch using the form below. Alternatively, call me on 0141 266 0050 or e-mail me at [email protected]

3/1, 211 Dumbarton Road