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The best fonts for websites and how they can make you stand out

When designing a site, the one part I sometimes find the hardest, and ultimately most crucial, is the font choice. For me, this can completely change the way the site looks, even if the structure and content doesn’t change at all. In this blog, I want to explore the various different aspects of fonts and what a subtle font change can do for your presentation and accessibility. The topics I will discuss are:

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Measuring Success : Google Analytics and how to win

It surprises me the number of new clients that come to me that don’t have any way of measuring the success of their website. A¬†growing number of businesses seem to have a website built and then work on the assumption that simply being on the web is enough to bring people to their site. They don’t know how many visitors they get regularly, how many are returning, how long they spend on your site, where they’re visiting from and what device they’re accessing your phone from. These are all things that can be relatively quickly accessed through Google Analytics.

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Tutorial : Fixing issues with MAMP and Yosemite Beta

If like me, you’ve installed either the beta or developer copy of OSX 10.10 Yosemite, you may have come across an issues regarding MAMP no longer starting up the Apache server.

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Optimising your website performance

With smartphones becoming more like a 5th limb, content has never been more accessible, with information literally at the tip of your fingers.

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Custom share buttons & short urls

Share buttons are something that are pretty common place on sites these days, varying in all shapes, sizes and colours. However, over the past 6 months or so i’ve encountered more and more problems with the plugins available for these share buttons. Their cross browser support is poor, semantically a lot are incorrect (they won’t validate with W3C) and sometimes they just simply won’t work. Instead of moaning about it, I decided to develop my own super-lightweight, javascript-free share buttons. These can be found at the bottom of any blog post, including this one.

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