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I can get get it for free – why should I pay for a website?

An issue that a lot of web developers and designers are currently facing is the rise of the free website. It’s not a particularly new thing, with packages having been available since at least 2003, with Microsoft FrontPage being the main WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) package available to businesses that needed a quick, cheap way to get a site online.

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Design around the content

A problem that i’ve regularly come across as a web developer & designer is the assumption that content isn’t required until the end of the project. Both sides of the client/business relationship have been guilty of starting the project at the wrong point, which ultimately creates delays and frustration throughout the duration of the project.

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Why responsive design?

It’s an undeniable fact, the web is a constantly changing entity. The way in which we design, develop and enhance sites is constantly changing thanks to ever improving technology and an online community that helps one another more than any i’ve come across so far in my professional career.

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New site, new beginning…

After months in the wilderness, my new site is now semi-live. It’s been the best part of 2 years in the making, 15 or so designs and developments later and umpteen logo changes later. Being the client and the developer at the same time has proven to be a difficult task, but i’ve finally managed to get there.

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