Researching the industry comes first, ensuring that I know how your competitors are operating, and then trying to identify how you can do it better. It’ll then be important to identify your potential market. If you’re aiming for an older market, then a fun, playful site may not be appropriate. Eqully, if you’re a quirky brand, you probably don’t want something that resembles a corporate layout.

From there, it’s then important to plan how your site will function, considering the user journey and how they’ll most likely interact with your site. This will tend to change between devices as well, for example, a desktop site will rely on mouse clicks to get to links, however, a mobile site will rely on finger touches or swipes.

I keep up to date with UX design and what does and doesn’t work, so any decisions made are backed up with evidence.

Once the research and planning is complete, the website design can be begin.