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The iPad pro; how will it affect web development?

At the beginning of September, Apple announced the iPad Pro, it’s latest iteration of the massively successful line of tablets. The iPad pro shares a lot of similar features to it’s predecessors, offer a powerful, yet portable touch device. However, where it differs from the iPad Air is it’s whopping 12.9″ retina display. This is just 0.4″ short of the 13″ retina Macbook Pro display size (which is 13.3″ diagonally across the screen), so we’re essentially dealing with something in size that has previously been reserved for laptops and notebooks.

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Web design prices & services; Reasons to be wary of generic fixed prices

As with any business, part of not building success, but maintaining it is to identify what your competitors are doing and then consider ways in which you can improve on that. Every day I spend a bit of time looking at other agencies & freelancers to see how they market themselves and one thing I commonly see is the promotion of fixed web design prices. Headline banners proclaiming “web design from only £399!”, or “4 web pages from only £200”.

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Internet Explorer is dead; rejoice!

In what could be considered the very opposite of an April Fools, Microsoft released it’s first version of Project Spartan, it’s new web browser bundled in with the Windows operating system. This means it’s official, Internet Explorer is no more. Well, unfortunately that’s not entirely the case; those still using older versions of Windows may still task us web developers with having to try and hack some code together to make a website work on a thoroughly ancient platform.

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Tutorial: Fixing issues with Yosemite, Codekit and Bonjour

This post is for mac users who have been having issues with Yosemite and DNS resolution when using codekit. The basic issue is that when trying to resolve a local url (such as my-mac.local) the request cannot be processed.

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She lost her phone, you’ll never believe what happened next…

Okay, so if you’re reading this, you’ve been brought to this blog under false pretence. There’s no gossip and no 74 part story that requires you to click through from page, to page, to page, being inundated with adverts that inevitably pop-up at your finger just as you’re about to tap to the next page. In reality, this blog is an experiment. I’m curious as to how many people I can get to visit this page and if it works, it unfortunately will prove just how broken social media advertising is.

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